Get Your Home Ready for Spring With Our Easy To Use Guide
As the cold winter months give way to the first blush of spring, it’s time to start moving your attention toward spring cleaning. Getting your home ready to soak up the sun will help take some of the gloom of winter away. This checklist will have your home sparkling clean and ready to throw open the windows by the time your garden starts to pop!


  • Clean the cooktop and oven

  • Remove everything from the refrigerator, discard old and expired food/condiments, wipe down the shelves, and reorganize as you put everything back

  • Remove pantry items, discard old/expired products, wipe down and reorganize as you put back in order

  • Wipe down counters, surfaces, backsplash, sink and faucet

  • Run a cleaning cycle on your dishwasher

  • Wipe down appliances


  • Scrub the tub/shower

  • Wipe down the mirror, counter, sink, faucet and other surfaces

  • Clean the toilet, inside and out


  • Change sheets

  • Dust

  • Organize and/or toss items that have found their way on top of surfaces

All Rooms

  • Wash windows

  • Sweep and mop

  • Vacuum

  • Wipe down lights, surfaces, light switches, doors, knobs, ceiling fan blades, vents, etc.

  • Test smoke detector batteries and replace as needed

  • Empty closets, discard what is not needed, wipe down interior, reorganize and put back in order

  • Empty drawers, wipe out, put back in order


  • Wash outside windows

  • Sweep porch and deck

  • Wash outdoor furniture and arrange where it belongs

  • Wipe down exterior doors

  • Remove items from garage, sweep floor, donate/discard unneeded items, reorganize and put back in order

  • Store winter equipment and prepare spring equipment (e.g. lawn mower) for use

  • Replace outdoor lights as needed

  • Check air in tires of bikes, trikes, etc.