Building A Community: Milford Magazine

Oftentimes, when a real estate brokerage decides to start a magazine, it tends to be about real estate. It’s the logical, sensible, expected thing to do. Here at Milford, we like to do things differently. When we decided to create a magazine, we knew from the beginning that it would be about community, design, art, beauty, our clients, and their stories. We wanted to create something that would build our community and bring people together, thus Milford Magazine was born. With our premiere issue fresh off the press and almost ready for circulation, what better place to share the process of getting there than here with all of you?

The Dream

We dreamed of a place where unique stories and ideas from our community could be shared. A magazine offers the perfect backdrop for blending the story of a local artist with an in-depth review of local restaurant scenes that is mirrored by a restaurant spotlight. Interesting stories meet gorgeous photography and inspired design. Our clients have incredible stories, and this magazine gives us an opportunity to share those with the community. Building community. A magazine was simply the perfect thing to do.

Our hope is that our magazine will share the culture that is strong within our community, while building gratitude and an appreciation for each other along the way. As with all things Milford, we wanted to think a little differently. You will find stories that hone in on connection, gratitude, local oeuvre, and the people that are improving lives here in our city. We wanted to move out of our comfort zone and show how we are all connected in our own beautiful way. We want you to see the world how we see it, along with the art and beauty that underpin everything we do.

The Process

We went into this new venture knowing that it would take some time to blend the world of visual art and the written word. We met with our team to get everyone on the same page, making sure the focal point of the entire process was community. We worked through the details of how to drive home the focus on community and art, even though we are a real estate brokerage. We wanted local artists, visual artists, interior designers, and local businesses. It was vital that the entire team shared the vision.

It wasn’t until the first full spread came together that everyone fully understood what we were trying to explore and create. It’s such an amazing moment when everyone who has been a part of it comes together to see the end results of what they have done individually, but brought together in line with the true vision. It took months to get everyone on the same page, but it was absolutely worth every second for that moment of camaraderie when the vision came to life.

The Magazine

We have always been about helping people and building community, and this magazine ties everything together. We have endless stories we can gather from our clients. Word of mouth, different stories, artists, experiences; we are in the perfect position to do this. We are committed to creating quality content that will enrich our readers’ minds. We want to give people exposure and the opportunity to tell their stories, while supporting local artists and businesses.

Milford Magazine will be issued in both print and web, with the digital issue finding its final home on our website. The physical magazine will be sent to Milford clients, featured businesses, and local coffee shops, salons, etc. Our vision is for the magazine itself to be an art piece. Each story has a unique design that represents the story featured within. We can’t wait to share it with you!