August means back to school for kids throughout Omaha, and that means an extra busy season for parents. Between school supply shopping, figuring out where classes are, and finding the perfect first day of school outfit, it can quickly become difficult to remember the lazy days of summer.

As we reflect on an incredible season of family and fun, we have discovered that each family has their own traditions to ring in the new year of school. 

Perhaps the most popular answer to the question we posed to our kids about their favorite first day of school traditions was: SCHOOL SUPPLIES! And who doesn’t love school supply shopping? We aren’t sure we remember the lists of specific colored folders and notebooks, but the boxes of kleenex and reams of name labels bring back the nostalgia of days gone by.

Quickly following school supplies is first day preparation. Whether it’s a super fun haircut at a local kids boutique like Sharkey’s, or a whole day shopping spree to find the perfect new shoes, most kids rank ‘looking fly’ right up there on favorite traditions.

Once your look and your supplies are just so, family school traditions span the imagination. Some kids can’t wait to fill out their first day of school chalkboard for first day photos–if you know, you know ;) while others are thrilled to get back to see their friends and faithfully check the front doors for class rosters until they’re finally posted… usually mere days before school starts. A lot of families make a traditional vacation celebration the week before school starts. Whether this is a trip to the local water park, a weekend away, or even a special meal at a favorite place, it gives the family time to settle back in and get some quality time before the big day arrives.

Oddly enough, none of the kids surveyed mentioned getting back on a good sleep schedule in their list of favorite back to school traditions… an accidental omission, we’re certain. And this leads us to all of you! How do you celebrate the first day of school in your home?