Your home should be a place of refuge—your sanctuary to retreat to after a long or stressful day to decompress. You shouldn’t reserve relaxation solely for the spa, where you don’t have constant access and pay for expensive treatments.

Be generous with your personal comfort by bringing the spa to you. Allow yourself to maximize leisure and comfort with your very own at-home spa.

Interior Design

The first step to creating your very own at-home spa is to lay the foundation for relaxation. Investing in interior design is a crucial step in this process. You can use a few methods to create that professional spa look right in your own home.

Neutral tones are essential to cultivating a tranquil environment. A room that’s too loud in color can overwhelm your senses and make it difficult to loosen up in the space. Neutral tones are calming and filling the room with whites, beiges and light grays add to a reposed aesthetic.

Water as a focal point adds an element of peace to the space. The sight and sound of flowing water allow us to let go of stress. You may decide to invest in a small fountain that stands out to you and put it in a spot where it will be highlighted.

Shelving allows you to display decorations in an organized and clean manner while adding to your personal customization and style. Consider using wooden shelving that will accentuate the serenity of your ornamental arrangements.

Organization is key to creating a room where you can truly let go. The easiest way to destroy a relaxing environment is by letting it fall ruined to clutter. Organizational tools can help you to keep necessary products that may not be fit for display organized and out of sight. Using dividers inside of drawers, under the sink baskets and shower caddies can help to clean up your area.

Lighting can make or break a space, it has the ability to expand a room and give the illusion of a vast, open space. This perceived expansion can be achieved using natural lighting – if available – or with artificial lighting coupled with mirrors.


Smell is arguably the most powerful sense in terms of alleviating stress and improving overall health. Our reaction to varied smells has a profound effect on the limbic system, which is in charge of memories, emotional responses and the production of hormones. A smell can elicit positive physiological outcomes on our minds and bodies.

Essential oils can be utilized in a multitude of ways. They can be used in a bath, diffusers or applied directly to the skin. Different smells will produce different reactions within the limbic system. For example:

Lavender offers better sleep and lowered stress.

Rosemary brings good mental clarity and focus.

Peppermint boosts energy and stimulates the mind.

Frankincense helps with anxiety and depression.

Lemon cleanses and acts as an energy booster.

Orange increases mood and creativity.

Candles can also add pleasant smells to your spa with the added benefit of being decorative. You can place assorted candles on shelving and even use special candles for different occasions. Pumpkin scented for Halloween, gingerbread for Christmas and tropical scents in the summertime. This variety keeps things fresh, fun and festive in your personal spa.


You wouldn’t pay to go to a bare-bones spa that skimps on bath products, so why should yours be any different? You can choose a variety of products to help your at-home spa to feel more lavish.

Robes are a cornerstone of any luxurious spa day. You’ll want to invest in a robe to immerse yourself in the spa experience. Most spa-grade robes are made of cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester. Turkish cotton is a high-quality option often compared to Egyptian cotton and unlike its high-profile competitor, it has a faster dry time, is fluffier and more affordable.

Plush towels are a great way to pamper yourself. With a price tag that is only slightly more than a regular towel, the extra money is absolutely worth the higher quality. The best quality towels are normally made of terrycloth, a material defined by the specific weaving style used; they are traditionally made with cotton.

Bath products come in a wide range of products that can be used to relax in style. Bath bombs, Epsom salt, body scrubs, and face masks are just some options that can take your at-home spa to the next level.


A sauna is a noteworthy tool for cleansing the body. The benefits of spending time in a sauna include relaxation, cleaner and stronger skin, heart health and muscle retention. Many prestigious spas incorporate either a sauna or steam room for clients to cleanse their bodies before they start their full spa experience. You can incorporate the benefits of a sauna into your home to fit almost every budget.

A sauna room can be built within a bathroom/spa room if space is available; alternatively, one could be built in an unused space within the house or even outside. For a full sauna room, you’ll need an enclosed area and a heat source. Heat sources include wood, electric, gas and infrared, the sauna atmosphere is achieved by pouring water over hot rocks.

Sauna blankets/sleeping bags provide an alternative for the majority of people who don’t have the budget to build a full-blown sauna room in their house. They are easy to find – you can buy one on Amazon for more affordable pricing – and they have all the added benefits of a traditional sauna room.


Sound is another important sensory experience to elevate your home spa. Investing in a sound system or small speaker to immerse yourself in calming sounds could be exactly what you need to complete your spa.

Nature sounds have been proven to have therapeutic effects on the human body including lowered stress levels, improved mood and mental function. Bird sounds were linked with decreased stress, and sounds of running water were linked with physical health benefits and a more positive mood.

Sound baths are a restorative process that soothes the nervous system by “bathing” the listener in soundwaves produced by overtone-emitting instruments such as gongs, chimes, tuning forks, etc.

Silence – though it’s the lack of sound – can also be a powerful sensory experience. Eliminating all sounds and distractions can clear the mind; this can be achieved by soundproofing your spa room. Consider using door sweeps, weather strips, rugs or sound-proof blankets to block unwanted outside noise.


The possibilities for creatively customizing your home to suit your preferences and price range are limitless. Needless to say, you should feel free to explore any of these ideas that may fit around your house in whatever ways align with your definition of relaxation.