There’s nothing quite like the feeling of giving a great gift. The moment you see someone’s face light up when they open something you’ve picked out for them is priceless, not to mention you get to feel like you’re winning at life.

But sometimes, just sometimes, finding that perfect gift can present you with a challenge. Never fear, we have put together a rockstar gift giving guide that will have you on their nice list all season long!

If you’re anything like us, you want to find the perfect present for your person, but sometimes it’s just hard to know what that is. Lucky for you, we have 3 easy steps to help make gift giving a breeze this holiday season!

  1. Take their interests into consideration. What do they love to do? What hobbies do they have? This is the best place to start brainstorming gift ideas. If you’re buying for someone who loves to spend time outdoors, consider a hiking book or a hiking map of an area you know they enjoy or want to know more about. If books aren’t their jam, perhaps some new camping gear, or a fun gadget that will make bird watching that much more enjoyable. If they practically live in the kitchen (because they want to, that’s an important point on this one), maybe they would appreciate some new cookware or a set of truly awesome cooking utensils.
  2. Next on the list, think about what they need. Is there something they’ve been wanting or needing, but haven’t quite gotten around to buying? This is the perfect way to give a practical and useful gift that they’ll appreciate, while also showing that you listen!
  3. Finally, take their personality into account. What kind of things do they like? Do they prefer heartfelt and sentimental, or lighthearted and fun? If you know what your person is like, it can help you zero in on the perfect present.

Next time you’re stuck on what gift to give, which we can almost guarantee will happen in the next 30 days, just remember our three simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect gift for your loved one in no time at all!

One final bit of advice, unless she specifically asked for it, she probably doesn’t want a vacuum cleaner… and he probably doesn’t want that tie (unless the kids picked it out or provided art for it, but you get our drift). Get creative this holiday season and get them what they really want!