Many people are uprooting their lives and moving to somewhere that’s more affordable or family-friendly. If you find yourself also wanting these things, you’re in luck. Omaha is both of these things and more. From single-family homes to townhomes and condominiums, Omaha offers various construction opportunities for homebuyers. And with new developments popping up across the city, it’s easy to find a home that meets your needs and budget.

Why You Want to Live in Omaha NE

If you’re looking into new homes Omaha NE, then you’ve come to the right place. Omaha is an amazing city with plenty of options when it comes to new homes for sale Omaha NE. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or are looking to upgrade from your existing home, there are lots of options. Let’s take a look at Omaha and the places you may want to live near.

The Old Market District

If you’re looking for something unique and modern, then the Old Market district is definitely worth considering. This historic district offers a beautiful shopping and dining area. Viewing new homes for sale Omaha NE in the Old Market will add to the beautiful and stylish atmosphere you’ll be living near. And since you’re near the Old Market, you’ll be able to easily enjoy all the restaurants and shops they have to offer.

The Westside Neighborhood

The Westside Neighborhood is one of the most popular areas in Omaha for people who are looking for new homes for sale Omaha NE. The area offers a variety of different housing styles, ranging from traditional homes to more modern ones. The neighborhood also features green spaces as well as amazing schools, so you’ll have plenty of safe spaces for beginner families or already established families. This neighborhood is also minutes away from downtown, so you’re able to easily access everything the great city of Omaha has to offer.

Dundee Memorial Park Neighborhood

Not everyone is built for downtown life, so if you want something quieter but still close to downtown Omaha, then Dundee Memorial Park might be the perfect fit. This area has charming homes and plenty of trees. It’s known for its friendly atmosphere and a strong sense of community. There are also great public transportation options, so it’ll be easy to get around if your car is out of service for a few days.

There are plenty of other neighborhoods that we didn’t mention here. Omaha is home to multiple places that would be great to live in. If you want to live downtown or if you prefer something more peaceful and outside the hustle and bustle of the city, there is something perfect for you here in Omaha. Contact one of our real estate agents at Milford Real Estate. We’re proud to serve Omaha and look forward to finding you and your family the perfect home.

What to Look for When Exploring New Homes For Sale Omaha NE

Who doesn’t love browsing new homes for sale Omaha NE, and eventually buying your dream home? But it can be easy to overlook and forget to check off everything you’re looking for. Don’t let the process stress you out. Keep reading to get ideas of what to look for when searching for your dream home.

Location Matters

We may have talked about different neighborhoods to live in, so you might think we’ve already talked about location, but the location is so important it needs to be mentioned twice. You may have found a house that fits the size and amenities you want, but it may be located in an area that doesn’t fit your budget or lifestyle. 

Before putting an offer on the house, make sure to take the drive to the grocery store, work, the mall, or any other shopping centers you may visit frequently. If it’s too far to drive, it may not be worth buying. Plus, if you plan to have a family, you’ll need to make sure the house is in the school district of your preferred school, and eventually, when your kids grow up, they may need to take public transportation to get to work. There are a lot of things to consider before buying the perfect home.

Size Matters

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to consider how many rooms and what type of floor plan you might need. If you have a family or plan to start one in your new home, make sure the house you buy will have enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone as they grow. 

Also, consider storage space. You’ll need to have enough storage for future holiday decorations and hiding presents before birthdays and holidays. And most importantly, and often overlooked, make sure to measure the space to ensure your current furniture will fit the new space. Buying a house is already expensive, so you don’t want to buy new furniture on top of that.

Is It Practical?

Lastly, you want your house to function correctly and be practical. But what does this mean? When viewing the house, make sure to ask how old the house is. You want to know if the plumbing, heating, and cooling are up-to-date. When was the roof last replaced? What about the windows? All these things should be new, if not a few years old, to make sure that you won’t have an expensive repair or replacement down the road. 

Also, make sure to check for structural issues too. It’s always a good idea to hire a certified inspector to make sure your purchase is a good investment. Paying an inspector may be costly, but it will definitely be worth it; for example, if there’s a leak in the bathroom that doesn’t become a problem until several months after closing on the sale.

Exploring new homes for sale Omaha NE is an exciting but daunting process. From location and size to practicality, taking in every aspect is essential for finding a home that fits both your needs and budget perfectly. By staying organized throughout the process and taking note of everything, you can be sure that your new home will be future-ready. Contact Milford Real Estate to get started today.