Tis the season of spring cleaning!

Tired of a house with dust hidden in all the corners, or after every cleaned mess it just doesn’t seem clean enough? Look no further, here are some spring-cleaning tips to ‘spring’ into the new season.


Before you get to the real cleaning, every bedroom needs some tidying up. Picking up old cups or clothes that need to be cleaned is a great start to your spring cleaning. Anything that belongs in other parts of the house, is set aside for later.


The closet is undoubtedly the most cluttered place in your bedroom. It is filled with clothes that haven’t been worn in ages and bulky winter items. With the weather getting warmer, invest in some storage bins for your warmest pieces, that way it’s easier to see all the colorful spring pieces hidden beneath them.


Parting ways with clothes that you may see yourself wearing in the future, but don’t fit or aren’t your ideal style is always tricky and accumulating these items is even easier. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to start fresh. Remember it’s out with the old, in with the new. Take these items to your local consignment store for some extra cash or donate them to your local Goodwill.


It may seem simple enough to run a vacuum through the bedroom and wipe down the dresser, but we are diving deeper than that. Make sure to strip the bed of all pillowcases, sheets and even the mattress topper. Dusting on top of picture frames, the ceiling fan and even the window sills will help make your bedroom sparkle.


In the winter, the last thing we think to do is clean the inside and outside of our bedroom windows. Opening up and giving them a good wipe will let in the fresh aromas of the cleaner you used. To wash your windows first rinse and wash off all dust and dirt. Then you can make them shine with a glass cleaner. You will be shocked by how dirty your windows are and how much of a difference a good cleaning can make.


The winter weather can bring in many things like salt and sand, and these things get stuck to your baseboards. It may seem like a hassle to scrub the baseboards, but even giving them some extra attention with a wipe will ensure that your bedroom is feeling new.

Your bedroom is meant to be a space of zen and relaxation, so these tips will help you feel your absolute best as we spring into the new season.