Millions of people celebrate and recognize Earth Day as a means to advocate for and protect the planet and its resources. Preserving the beauty of the mountains, oceans, and everything in our day-to-day life is what celebrating Earth Day is all about.

This year’s theme for Earth Day is “Invest in Our Planet” and focuses on engaging everyone to do their part. Here are some ways to do your part this year.


There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and get your hands dirty! Planting some trees or native plants, cleaning up litter around the neighborhood, or even tending to your community garden. Restoring the areas that we call home should not only be celebrated on Earth Day but every day.


Try something new and check out your local library for books about protecting the environment and the planet. There are also plenty of podcasts to listen to about the environment while you walk and enjoy the weather, or pick up litter around your neighborhood. Educating yourself on good news about the planet and celebrating the progress we have made.


MULHALLS: Each year, Mulhalls Omaha, one of the largest nurseries and gardening centers in the country, presents Earth Day in the Greenhouse. The event features live music, food, and educational resources in their greenhouse for Earth Day. From learning about raising chickens, gardening tips, and other forms of sustainability.

ELMWOOD PARK: Earth Day in Omaha is celebrated in Elmwood Park with live events and entertainment, health demonstrations, and education about sustainability. The events include yoga, beer gardens, a children’s tent presented by the Children’s Museum, and so much more.

Any help goes a long way, find new ways to celebrate Earth Day and enjoy the beauty of the planet that we call home.