Working a full-time job, enjoying time with family, and maintaining a social life can get exhausting. Everyone deserves a vacation to explore the country and find new places to love, with the people they adore. Here are five of the best vacation spots to plan for this summer. 


Los Angeles can be tough to navigate, but if you want a unique experience of restaurants, breweries, designers, artists, cafes, and bars, the downtown Arts District is worth the visit. 

The neighborhood is not entirely walkable, but lively pockets are just minutes away from each other by car. The creative hub has grown over the past decade, so if you love artistic and lively atmospheres, this vacation spot is for you! 


Need a closer getaway? Kansas City might be the place for you. Known for its barbecue, jazz heritage, and major sports teams, it’s the perfect family getaway. 

The Power and Lights District is home to the Sprint Center, buzzing with sporting events and concerts. The neighborhood is filled with cocktail bars, steakhouses, and shopping. Nearby, the College Basketball Experience tells the history of the sport through interactive exhibits.


In Scottsdale, you can hike in a vibrant desert home to more than 400 types of plants (the Sonoran Desert), tour a Frank Lloyd Wright property (Taliesin West), and sip a Paloma below the DJ booth of a day-club pool party—all in one afternoon. 

The sprawling, 184-square-mile town just northeast of Phoenix has become a magnet for bachelorette/bachelor parties, golf trips, nature lovers, and sun seekers.


The attention has turned to America’s newest national parks, but now is the time to revisit the third-largest in the country. Everglades National Park, the nearly 20,000-acre park, is celebrating its 75th anniversary. 

The Everglades’ wetlands extend over 1.5 million acres through South Florida, and offer a wide variety of experiences, like airboat rides, hiking, camping, or even elevated sleeping platforms.


A week’s stay in Portland and most wouldn’t even touch the surface of what this gorgeous city has to offer. From fine dining to local seaside eats, Portland has more restaurants per capita than any other city in the country besides San Francisco. 

A hub of cobblestone streets, delicious seafood/famous Maine lobster rolls, scenic views and local shops, this hidden gem just may be your vacation spot this summer. 

There are so many beautiful places to visit around the U.S. Whether it’s close to home or a flight away, a relaxing vacation is a must for this summer.