Memorial Day is observed annually on the last Monday of May but is usually celebrated all weekend. The weather is beautiful, summer is around the corner, and everyone has a three-day weekend so let’s plan the perfect backyard BBQ! 


Make your party—and the food—stand out with a few decorations. Place mini American flags throughout your yard and stick to a red, white, and blue color scheme throughout the decor. Tablecloths, napkins, and dishware can all be star-spangled banner themed. There’s no limit to how creative and patriotic you can get.


BBQ is comfort food for many since it’s associated with summertime, warmth, and spending time with loved ones. Be prepared to host your next BBQ with our preparation tips. Whether you’re grilling with charcoal or gas, get your grill prepared and ready for your festivities. Make sure your grill and grilling tools are clean and set out. 


Don’t stress over making the menu a mile long, instead, stick to a main course and add classic sides like coleslaw, corn-on-the-cob, fruit medley, and pasta salad tend to be good options. 

Don’t hesitate to ask guests to contribute Memorial Day dishes as well. It’s a great way for guests to feel like they can bring something for everyone to enjoy, and that way, you can increase the variety without overspending.


Memorial Day weekend is what some consider the first weekend of summer! Be sure to set up canopies, umbrellas or anything that can give your guests a little getaway from the sun. Under the shades, you can provide large coolers of drinks, pitchers of lemonade or popsicle sticks for the kids! 


Planning the perfect backyard BBQ can be stressful. Once everything is set up, now it is your time to relax and enjoy your long weekend with family and friends. Appreciate the sunny weather, great food that you prepared and others brought along and that summer is right around the corner!