Long drives, blasting music, and good reads are all essential when it comes to summer road trips, but sometimes it can get boring.

Here are six summer road trip essentials to make your drive a breeze.


Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, a great music or podcast playlist can change the game. For your next road trip, try planning out your playlist for the ride, this way you can stay off your phone and it gives your passengers a chance to hear their favorite tunes as well.


One way to ensure that your trip runs smoothly is by packing yummy snacks or refreshing beverages. This way you don’t have to worry about stopping for more than gas or bathroom breaks.


After looking at cornfields for more than a couple of hours, your eyes start to feel a little heavy. Packing a small blanket or travel pillow will allow you to sleep comfortably when the drive gets to be a little too long.


A good book, show, or podcast is essential when it comes to those long summer drives. Whether it’s to keep the kids entertained or yourself, don’t forget to bring something to keep your mind off the road.


Staying hydrated is key and having a reusable water bottle in the car will prevent the mess of plastic bottles. At each stop, you can also fill up your bottle and not have to worry about paying for a new one each time!


In the case of an emergency, it is always good to be more than prepared. A good car kit could include jumper cables, a spare tire, signal flares, and a flashlight.

Other essentials could include a map or GPS system, pain relievers, sunglasses, and seat organizers for all of the messiness that comes with road tripping. Whether you’re traveling across the country, or just a couple of states away, this essential summer road trip list will not disappoint!