From tasteful brick-clad colonial style mansions to ultra-modern avant garde bungalows, luxury living in the heartland is at its finest in the beautiful 19th century city of Omaha, Nebraska. If you are already familiar with this mini metropolis, then you are well aware of its charm, abundant fine dining opportunities, and active music scene. But you may not be familiar with the architectural styles it has to offer.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common styles of luxury homes for sale Omaha.

Ranch Style

Ranch style homes, which are also known as “ranchers” and “ramblers,” are a timeless classic of American architecture. These single-story homes embody the spirit of the American West with their simplicity and functionality, while also providing a sense of being close to nature.

With their open layouts, practical designs, and easy access to the outdoors, ranch style homes continue to draw many homeowners across the country.

Open Floor Plans with Spacious Environments

One of the most lovable characteristics of ranch style homes is their open and spacious floor plans. This aspect of their style gives these homes an inviting and warm feel because they are designed to create a natural flow throughout the house. Building ranch style homes without unnecessary walls and enclosures allows the whole family to see and talk to one another from anywhere within the general living space of the house.

Another great feature of their open design is their accessibility. This is perfect for both young families and retirees because it provides easy mobility around the house. Without stairs and hallways, it is easy to walk from one part of the house to another, and parents can keep track of their little ones without the use of childproof gates.

Connection to the Outdoors

One highly sought after feature of ranch style homes is their almost seamless connection to the outdoors. Ranch style homes often include large, floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors that illuminate the house throughout the day while providing views of the surrounding landscape.

Ranch style homes are also less imposing on the natural terrain where they are built. With their single-story design, these homes often have a very visually appealing and natural transition from yard to house. You’ll also commonly find that these homes include large patios and decks that are perfect for entertaining guests or sitting down to watch the sunrise with a cup of morning coffee.

Architectural Versatility

Ranch style homes also present many opportunities for customization to fit many individual tastes. Ranging from a more minimalist aesthetic, with clean lines and muted colors, to a more classic “log cabin” design with lots of open grain wood to give a more historical feel, ranch style luxury homes for sale Omaha are a popular choice that will hold their appeal for years to come.


Colonial Style

Colonial style homes are well-known for their elegance and modestly luxurious feel. First built in the 17th and 18th centuries, these architectural masterpieces draw on influences from the styles of European colonizers, and they were commonly found among aristocratic families in the early centuries of western settlement.

These homes have distinct features and a timeless appeal, which is why they are still being built centuries later in modern housing developments.

Symmetrical Facade

One of the most characteristic features of colonial style homes is their symmetrical exterior. These houses often feature a large door in the center of the house that is flanked by windows and columns on both sides. The upper floors typically have an even number of windows that are evenly spaced across the front and sides of the house as well.

This symmetrical design also often extends to the interior of the home. Upon entering through the front door, you’ll typically see a large staircase featured in the center of the home leading to the upper levels, where you will usually find the bedrooms and bathrooms. From the home’s foyer, you’re likely to see a living room on one side and a dining room on the other, with a spacious kitchen centered in the rear portion of the house.

Classic Decorative Details

These fine details are what truly give colonial style homes their sense of luxury and grandeur. You will often find handmade wood finishes on the railings and banisters, expertly crafted crown molding around high ceilings, and simple, yet elegant, lighting fixtures throughout the house. They’re the perfect luxury homes for sale Omaha.


Modern Minimalist Style

These innovations of the 21st century have become exceedingly popular among those who are looking for luxury homes for sale Omaha. With their subtle and sleek lines, open floor plans, and overemphasis on practicality, these modern homes are the pinnacle of contemporary architecture.

Minimalist Design

The most striking feature of these modern homes is their intelligent use of high-quality materials to create a clean interior and an understated sense of sophistication. It is common to find finishes incorporating glass, metal, and bare concrete throughout the interior, which adds to their practical and almost sterile appearance.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

These two elements are major considerations for the choice of materials used in creating these homes. Modern minimalist homes often incorporate advanced forms of insulation, efficient heating and cooling, and smart home tech to minimize the house’s use of resources.

It is common to find solar panels and rainwater gathering systems in these homes as well, adding to the home’s eco-friendliness and forward-thinking design. If you’re wanting a simple yet luxurious home, you can’t go wrong with minimalist luxury homes for sale Omaha.

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