When we think of luxury homes, images of sprawling mansions in Beverly Hills and the Hamptons often come to mind, but living lavishly in the heartland could be a dream come true for many as well.

Although some of the most expensive neighborhoods and developments in the country are found on the coasts, there are many opportunities to live in equal luxury without all of the traffic and commotion of the dangerous cities where these multi-million dollar homes are found. And you can do so with a much smaller price tag.

If you are looking for an opulent abode in one of the Midwest’s most auspicious cities, you need look no further than luxury homes near me in Omaha.

Why Live in Omaha?

With a population that has grown to nearly 900,000 inhabitants, Omaha offers all the same amenities you would expect to find in big cities, such as fine dining, a thriving art scene, and high-end fashion retailers.

However, this gem of a city is also just a quick drive away from many wonderful escapes that will let you get away from the hustle and bustle so you can take some time to reset. If you need some time to yourself, or if you want to take the family out for a fun adventure, luxury homes near me in Omaha are a stone’s throw from many exciting outdoor activities and recreational opportunities.

All within an hour of Omaha, you will find lush and green golf courses, excellent ski slopes, plentiful riverfront recreation, tree-laden hiking trails, abundant wildlife, and serene natural prairie preserves.

But Omaha isn’t just a great place to live because of its features and amenities; it also has a promising real estate market for investors, first-time buyers, growing families, and retirees who are looking for a quiet place to spend their golden years and enjoy some hard-earned peace and quiet.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why luxury homes near me Omaha are a sound investment for those who appreciate the benefits of upscale living.

Luxury Homes Near Me Are a Sound Investment

Luxury homes near me in Omaha are in high demand, and they are projected to hold their value quite soundly as the city continues to grow. While home values have seen a sharp uptick over the last few years, property prices are beginning to level out as supply is catching up with demand.

However, the fact that the median listing price for luxury homes near me in Omaha is starting to normalize does not mean that breaking into this market right now would be a waste of your time and money. Prices are still higher than they were a few years ago, and projections show that values should continue to increase at a steady pace that beats inflation.

Omaha Has Many Exciting Career Opportunities

If you are looking for luxury homes near me in Omaha, then chances are you may be working for one of the several Fortune 500 companies who have chosen Omaha for their headquarters. Because of its central location and low tax rates, the Midwest is actually home to many large corporations who do business around the world.

Among several booming cities throughout the country’s interior, you will find massive enterprises dealing in transportation, construction, insurance, finance, and manufacturing, and Omaha is no exception to this rule. Omaha is home to multi-billion dollar conglomerates from all of these sectors, where many young and established professionals are enjoying lucrative careers while contributing to the local economy with hundreds of six-figure salaries.

Omaha Has a Stable Economy

With a GDP of $162 billion, Nebraska is among the top states in the US for financial stability, ranking at number four for overall stability and number eleven for projected long-term growth.

In addition to the major financial and industrial interests it houses, Nebraska also benefits from being one of the largest agricultural producers in the country, with nearly 45 million acres of farmland currently in use. With ranches and farms covering around 95% of its total topography, Nebraska produces many dietary staples that are sold and shipped around the country, such as beef, pork, dairy, corn, and soy.

Because major agricultural producers are necessary to feed the rest of the population, states throughout the Midwest are able to enjoy stable and largely subsidized economies that are often impervious to some of the hardships that can affect other regions during times of economic lulls.

Omaha Has a Low Cost of Living

On top of its contributions to the overall economy of the state, Nebraska’s agricultural industry also supplies inexpensive food for its residents, with average prices well below those of the national average. Omaha inhabitants also enjoy lower-than-average prices for other necessities, such as utilities, transportation, and healthcare.

Omaha has become a location of choice for major investors to base their businesses out of due to Nebraska’s business-friendly tax legislation – namely their policies on capital gains taxes. Rather than taxing capital gains at a separate, higher tax rate, capital gains are taxed as regular income.

Because appreciation of personal property and other assets is not taxed at a higher rate than wages, owning luxury homes near me in Omaha is a great opportunity to protect your income. When you invest in real estate, you are getting a hedge against inflation that will hold its value for years to come.

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