The anticipation of the kids heading off to college and ensuring they have everything can be stressful. Whether their university is across the country or a short drive, this list of must-haves will relieve all your stress and you can enjoy the last days of summer!

Microwave/Mini Fridge:

Some college dorms now have kitchens and living room spaces for students with multiple roommates, however, some are still as small as 12×20 feet. Access to their own fridge and microwave is a must for on-the-go students who don’t have time between classes to head to the dining hall.

Mattress Topper/Protector:

The dorm mattresses are used year after year and aren’t the newest or most comfortable. When your student has to make it to an 8 a.m. lab, leave nothing to chance. Most mattress toppers add between 3-5 inches to their dorm-issued mattresses, making it a much dreamier place to crash and giving you a piece of mind that they will make it to all their classes well-rested.

Power Outlet Strip:

From tablets to laptops to small vanity mirrors, the typical dorm room doesn’t accommodate all of these essentials. A power outlet strip will allow your new college student to finish last-minute assignments on their computer while getting ready for the next big school event.

Personal Coffee Maker:

Caffeine is a gift from above. Whether they have morning classes or are cramming in late-night study sessions, it can be a huge help to have a personal coffeemaker in their dorm room.

First-Aid Kit:

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Keeping a small first aid kit in the dorm room can be a lifesaver when they have a small emergency. Many kits will include helpful items such as stain remover, band-aids, cough drops, nail clippers, and more.


In the tiny confines of a dorm room, organization is everything. Desk, drawer, and laundry organizers are crucial. This way your college student can find clothes for every season in their small dorm room.

There are plenty of other college essentials that may come in handy, but either way, your new or returning college student will be so excited to start in the fall with all the necessities.