Summer is coming to a close but hot August temperatures give us a little hope that it’s not quite done.

However, coffee shops and home decor stores love to embrace everything fall with pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween decor out early on the shelves. Here are five easy late-summer to fall decor ideas to spice your home in between these beloved seasons.

Colorful late summer florals:

Adding new centerpieces to the kitchen table or exchanging your front porch vases for new blooming florals is an easy way to ring in the new season. Some late-summer florals include; sunflowers, mums, coneflowers, petunias, and begonias. All of these florals will refresh your home and add a pop of new color!


Adding new photos or souvenirs from this summer’s vacation to your shelves or entry tables will invite new conversations with friends and family.

Back-to-school decor:

Seems cheesy but August is the universal back-to-school month. Decorating with old-school items is a great way to transition to fall if you aren’t quite ready for pumpkins and scarecrows. Old letterman jacket patches, textbooks or even adding faux green apples to your centerpieces can also insinuate the “back-to-school” theme.

Decorate with dried botanicals or press leaves.

Gardening is slowly coming to a close, but you can save the blooming botanicals you spent all summer nourishing. Late August through September, those flowers already start fading and drying but this year make them last a little longer and use them as decor. Dried flowers look especially pretty grouped with vintage botanical prints and transferware with autumn tones.

Pressed leaves not only make for beautiful framed art but also pair nicely with dried botanicals. After an outdoor stroll spent picking up your favorite leaves, flatten them with books and paper before completing with a neutral or vintage frame. The fall craft makes for an affordable piece of art and brings the outdoors into your home.

Switch out fabrics:

A quick way to transition furniture for each season is to switch out cool fabrics like cotton for velvets, knits, and softer materials. Easy switches could be on pillowcases, draperies, throw blankets, and rugs. These fabrics will make you want to get cozy while exuding that warm, welcoming feeling we associate with fall. It also makes it easy to switch to the seasonal colors.