A tradition in the autumn months is pumpkin carving. Spending the day picking the biggest (and smallest) pumpkins in the patch and going home to make Halloween snacks and carve them into something spooktacular. Here are eight unique pumpkin carvings for the best tradition.

SKULL PUMPKIN: A skull face is sure to creep out anyone who glances at it. Use a skull stencil to guide your carving or free-hand your own stencil to create the perfect skull carving.

BLACK SPRAY-PAINTED PUMPKIN: For a slight twist on the classic jack-o’-lantern carving, use black spray paint to cover the inside of your pumpkin. Let some of the paint seep outside of the eyes for an extra-ominous look.

CUTE (BLACK) CAT PUMPKIN: If you’re not into the whole scariness of Halloween and you consider yourself a cat lover, opt for carving a cute cat pumpkin. Create it your own by featuring little feet and ears or even spray paint it to look like a black cat.

BE KIND PUMPKIN: Spread good vibes this season by carving sweet sayings into your pumpkin. Mention kindness, happiness, love, generosity, or well wishes to greet all trick-or-treaters with a pleasant surprise.

PUKING PUMPKIN: Make use of your pumpkin’s guts this year by literally putting them on display to give off the impression your pumpkin is puking its guts out. Be sure to pull out the pumpkin seeds for the perfect baked carving snack.

ICE BUCKET PUMPKIN: Not into carving creatures or characters? Simply slice off a side, clean out the insides, and use the pumpkin to chill wine for guests instead.

PUMPKIN LANTERN: Suspend a hollowed-out pumpkin stuffed with straw and candles from a sturdy rope for a lantern effect. Adding a jack-o-lantern’s face can add some spookiness to your porch’s fall decor.

GHOUL PUMPKIN: Try using white pumpkins instead of traditional orange, to up your jack-o’-lantern game.

These are just a few of hundreds of pumpkin carving techniques. Try finding stencils of your kid’s favorite movie/TV characters for some real fun.