Black Friday shopping is a staple “holiday’ of November. After everyone has stuffed their bellies full of stuffing, turkey, and plenty of other Thanksgiving favorites, the planning begins.

Black Friday is the day of the year with the best deals, and with all the craziness, there are a few ways to help you “survive”.

Most people enjoy shopping Black Friday with friends and family. Get the group together and create a shopping strategy. Major retailers advertise their deals ahead of time, so it’s easy to plan ahead by scanning sales flyers and online promotions. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for will save hours of wandering.

Saving money is key and most of the time it pays to shop slowly and carefully—but not on Black Friday! If you’re going to score the best values at multiple stores, you need to grab the items you want, check out, and head to the next store. The midnight madness is no time for browsing.

Black Friday has been around since the early 1950’s, so families and friends have created their own “survival guides” for the annual holiday. Companies have created a mindset around what a “good sale” is but in reality, sometimes it’s really not. Sometimes a good deal is simply a good deal, but even in those cases, it doesn’t mean you need to buy it.If you weren’t planning on spending that money, is the sale actually worth it? It might be, so take some time to consider that question before buying.

Now that we have some tips in the “survival guide” here are some of the major retailers Black Friday ads, to get a head start on the planning!


Best Buy:



There are plenty of other ads to look through in your local newspaper, company websites or even on social media!