As the year draws to a close, you may be contemplating putting your house on the market. The question is, should you sell now or wait until January? Despite the temptation to delay until after the holidays, seizing the opportunity before the new year presents several compelling reasons.

Here are the top three reasons to sell your home before the New Year:

1. Outsmart the Competition:

Towards the end of the year, fewer homeowners list their properties, often due to holiday distractions. This provides you with a strategic advantage. By initiating the selling process now, you can stay one step ahead of the competition. Consult with a real estate agent promptly to ensure your house hits the market before others in your neighborhood.

2. Capture the Attention of Eager Buyers:

Although there has been a slight increase in the supply of homes for sale compared to last year, inventory remains low. While some buyers may postpone their plans until January, others have pressing reasons to move. According to Investopedia, those looking at homes during the winter holidays are typically serious buyers. Selling your home during this period can result in a faster and more efficient sale, catering to motivated buyers actively seeking a new property.

3. Leverage Your Equity for a Seamless Move:

Today’s homeowners boast record levels of equity, with an average of almost $290,000 per mortgage holder, according to CoreLogic. Your current equity could cover a substantial portion, if not the entire down payment for your dream home. As you contemplate selling before year-end, consider the initial reasons that prompted your desire to move. Whether you’re seeking a new location, more suitable space, or your needs have evolved, a local real estate agent can assist in assessing your home equity and devising a plan to facilitate your move.


Listing your home before the new year presents unique advantages, including reduced competition, the attention of motivated buyers, and the potential to leverage your equity gains. Take action now to achieve your goals before winter sets in. Contact us, and let’s make your move a reality.