Community Advisors

  • Broker in Omaha, NE

    Karie Milford

    Broker + Founder

    I couldn’t have picked a better career for my personality. Being able to focus on relationships and my clients dreams fills me with happiness.

  • Tony Terp

    Realtor® + Sales Manager

    Have an urgent question at midnight? I’d rather you text me than lose another minute of sleep over it.

  • Realtor in Omaha, NE

    Ben Merwald

    Realtor® + Lead Trainer

  • Realtor/client concierge in Omaha

    Kourtney Martin

    Realtor® + Client Concierge

  • Realtor in Omaha, NE

    Tracy Golda


    As your agent, I promise to bring the excitement and thrill that I feel with every purchase to your experience! My clients are my family.

  • Realtor in Omaha

    Sarah Ullsperger


  • Realtor in Omaha, NE

    Jake Schuelke


  • Rian White


  • Realtor in Omaha, NE

    Josh Rother


  • Andrew Perez

  • Bob Terp

Support Team

  • Rachel Joy

    Creative Director

    What I love about Milford is that every day is different. Elevating our brand, creating marketing materials, collaborating. I get to live my dream.

  • Shaun Knobbe

    Office Manager

  • Shelly Burrack

    Client Concierge

  • Karen Terp

    Accounting Manager

  • Jennifer Parker

    Program Manager