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Hardy Coffee prides itself as Omaha fan favorite.

Luke and Autumn Pruitt’s journey started when they moved back to their hometown of Omaha in 2010 and started a small bakery.

In those first few years, they subleased a kitchen and a tiny storefront from Aromas Coffeehouse on the corner of 11th and Jones streets. A year and a half later, they purchased the coffee shop and expanded Hardy’s Coffee.

“There’s just no more authentic way to bring people together than around really good food and really good coffee,” says Autumn Pruitt.

The Pruitts’ four coffee shops are located at 14450 Meadows Blvd. in Chalco; 2112 N 30th St. in Highlander; 6051 Maple St. in Benson; and 1031 Jones St. located downtown.

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